The Prize of Vuolasvirta

We have been awarded the Vuolasvirta Breeder's Plaque of the Finnish Kennel Club. This highly recognized award has been given in 1998 for Anneli. The same honour has been granted to Anne in 2002 still with the older and stricter rules.

We have been for years the only Vuolasvirta breeders within Bostons.
After the loosening of the rules in 2004, there could be more Vuolasvirta awarded after that year.
The same kind of prize is also in Sweden, and it is called Hamilton Plaque.

The number of Anneli's plaque is 415 and Anne's plaque is numbered as 518.

A toast to Anneli and the Vuolasvirta-price! Friends and Miniblack´s -boston terrier owners celebrating the award in the Messukeskus International Dod Show 1998.

Anne got the Vuolasvirta-price in 2002! All her friends and Miniblack´s -boston terrier owners celebrated the award in Messukeskus Show a few years later.

The Vuolasvirta Price was established by The Finnish Kennel Club to honour the famous Finnish cynolog Mr Lauri Vuolasvirta and to advance dog breeding in Finland. It is The Finnish Kennel Club´s highest award for a merited breeder. Requirements for the price are demanding. The breeder´s puppy count from ten consecutive litters form a point amount which the breeder must gain for the award. The breeders collects certain amount of points from show- and performance results, for example a Finnish champion title brings 4 points. Points must accumulate from ten different puppies. At least 10% of the points must be from puppies of whose dam or sire is the breeders own upbringing.