The story of Miniblack's Bostons

I have to admit that the beginning of our breeding interest is because of Mrs Eija Koskelin, who is the breeder of the worldwide wellknown griffons of "Huvikummun". She greatly recommended to start breeding. She has been a true friend of Anneli's from the sixties. With a great help from her we got into breeding bostons. She always remembers to reminding us with a smile on her face of the great friend boston of hers - Roni- (Miniblack's Oh Sweet Arnold). This little "gremlin" is introduced later on... Miniblack's Oh Sweet Arnold

Our family bought the first bostonterrier, Lady Jane, in 1984. We first took Lady to a dog show "as a joke"; we were first-timers and curious to see what actually is involved in dog shows. Nevertheless, Lady started to win first prices and to our pride it didn´t took long before she was a Finnish Show Champion. We even visited Sweden with Lady and brought home at that time very rare Swedish Show Champion tittle for her. Lady was a star of her time and actually the first boston terrier to be nominated with the tittle "Boston Terrier of the Year". That was the spark to start breeding boston terriers.

After many years of planning and waiting Mackendrick´s Private Dancer, aka Maggie, arrived from Canada (many thanks to Susan Milton) and at about the same time we bought Tinybeast Chilipepper, aka Chili. We now had two very good bitches, so it was time to start. Lady passed away that year after a serious illness: she is always specially cherished as our first boston terrier.

We got the affix "Miniblack´s" in 1989 and in winter the first Miniblack´s-litter was born. From that litter Miniblack´s Miracle Man, aka Midi, stayed with us. Our affix was an output of a think tank: we wanted an affix which describes the breed well and is easy to use both in Finland and abroad. We managed to find a good one: "mini" describes the smallish size and elegance of the breed and "black" is for color.

Maggie started to "make history" at an early age: it had been years since a Finnish boston terrier had won group placement and Maggie won a group-1 in 1990. Nowadays many boston terriers have collected group placements and even a BIS-win! Many of these winners have Maggie or a Miniblack´s boston terrier in their pedigrees.

Maggie became an International Show Champion in 1994. It was once again historic event; before our Maggie's title of INT CH it had happened in 1977 in Finland.

Both Maggie´s and Chili´s breeding lines proved to be very succesfull. Maggie was first bred twice with Chilka Quentin, a British import. Chilka Quentin wasn´t a real star himself, but we had seen the boston terriers in his pedigree and wanted exactly such qualities to our line. All puppies from these two parings are champions or multichampions.

Chili´s and Maggie´s lines were combined in Chili´s first litter with Miniblack´s Miracle Man, but we didn´t really got what we were after until the second litter:
Chili was mated with FINCH, ESTCH, EuJW-91 Rising Day Sunshine in 1992. Rising Day Sunshine´s dam is Maggies daughter FINCH Miniblack´s Mystery Magic. From that combination came MultiCh Miniblack´s Ain´t She Sweet, aka Ani, a bitch who is behind all our present broodbitches. Ani has movements to die for: actually one judge once said "I do not know, if a boston terrier should even move that well". Luckily Ani´s offspring´s movements are not bad at all either!

Another "history maker" is a legend "Roni", Miniblack´s Oh Sweet Arnold. He is from Ani´s first litter and a real "busy-body" since the beginning: he couldn´t wait till the doctor´s and was born in the backseat of our car!
He has the very rare title "Nordic Champion" and was the boston terrier of the year 1996 both in Finland and in Sweden! To be a boston terrier of the year both in Finland and in Sweden in the same year truly is an amazing achievement. At home Roni is only a smallish, happy pet always tirelessly playing with his toys, but enter a show ring with him and you´ll see a true show boston: he goes proudly round the ring with his head high and a "look-at-me"-expression on his face! Roni has conquered hearts around Scandinavia and is recognized as an ideal boston terrier by many judges.

Miniblack's Oh Sweet Arnold with the son

His offpring has been also widely recognized in the northern part of Europe. All of Roni's puppies have been successful but maybe the biggest star of his offspring is from his first litter. This elegant male is Multichampion and Multiwinner widely well known compact boston called Nevicata's Indiana Jones aka "Arttu". In the picture the son "Arttu" is in left and the father Miniblack's Oh Sweet Arnold is on right side in the pic.

We have had many stars over the years, but I have to mention one of the rarest. It's Miniblack´s Up And Go also called Urho. He is the one and only toydog-breeded dog as an official working dog. He is working with the police work and the dog earned "the official status" without tax for dogs. He is responsible for seaching the lost children and elderly in the woods.

In 1998 Anneli was awarded with Vuolasvirta-price which is the highest award for a dog breeder in Finnish Kennel Club. Anne got the same prize a few years later (in 2002). A couple of years we have been the only Vuolasvirta-Award boston breeders in Finland, but in 2004 the strict rules of that award were loosen measurably. There could be more Vuolasvirta -winners in the future. This award is also known in Sweden, there it's called Hamilton Plaque.

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Pictures of Miniblack's boston terriers