The Family Of Miniblack's Boston terriers

Me, Anne and my mother Anneli got involved with boston breeding in 80's. I usually take care for handling of the dogs and Anneli´s responsibility is taking care of the dogs. Pekka, the father of the human family, is our devoted "kennel boy": always ready as a "service troop" with the motto "I just drive the car and carry the bags"!

I love Melody My younger sister Kirsi, who lives nearby and participates in taking care of our bostons. Kirsi's daughter Venla is also eager bostonlover, so there is a handler for us in the future. Last but definitely not least is the youngest member of our "human family". He is my son. He will be travelling a lot in the show arenas later on. He's been to the shows since he was two months of old. In the picture he (~ 6 mths) is becoming acquaint with little Melody (~ 6 mths).

We both live in the northern part of the capital city of Finland, in Helsinki. Anneli lives in the parklike suburb of Tapanila and Anne lives nearby in the beautiful suburb of Suutarila. Our dogs are free to use the gardens of ours. Our bostons enjoy life with sunbathing in the terrace in summertime.

We breed boston terriers with a big heart. We co-operate with many people involved in dogs. We´d like to thank everyone who has helped us during the years. However, these two people we are the most grateful for. Mrs. Eija Koskelin kennel Huvikummun, (griffon brux./belge) and our vet very well known Timo Talvio Without their precious help and great support we wouldn´t have been able to make it!

International co-operation

We travel a lot all over Europe in different dog shows. In 1987, I travelled for the first time to Svenska Bostonterrier Ringen 30 thAnniversary Club Show ( ~ Swedish Boston Club). During the years of 1989 and 1991 we wanted to learn more about the english breeders in Great Britain. For example we got involved with the famous Chilka kennel owner Wendy Parker, and later on we studied the bloodlines of Dutch bostonbreeder Mrs. Cunegonda Koudijs-Taets van Amerongen. These ladies are well-known all over the Boston world.

Usually our dog show trips are directed to the neighbouring countries. Mainly to Sweden and nowadays to former Soviet Union coutries - Baltic countries and Russia. In 1997 we (I and my friend Aulikki) had a tournee with two bostons in three central European countries - Germany, Belgium and Italy. The trip was immemorial and we really had a good time with bostons. As a souvenir we brought back home two brand-new International Champions.

Näyttelyssä Pietarissa 90-luvulla - 
Show in Russia in the 90's

In 1993 we were in the first International Dog Show in Estonia, and brought all the titles back home, with Estonian Champion and winner-titles to both of the dogs. In 1997, me and my friends were for the first time in Russia in a dog show. These two shows were really unforgettable events. In the pic on the right there is a photo taken in a dog show in Russia in the 90's.

In 1997 was the 40 thAnniversary Club Show for Svenska Bostonterrier Klubben ( ~ Swedish Boston Club). It was interesting to see how fast the quality of the finnish bostons have increased during the 10 years period. Last time 10 years ago, we were in Sweden like 'tourists' and this time we won it all. Roni bet all the odds and won the title of Best of Breed. There were almost 100 bostons compiting, so the result wasn't bad at all ;-) The next year we got also wonderful result, but it's a whole new story.. Nowadays the quality of the best bostons in Finland is eminently good, most of the best are related to Miniblack's.

In the mid 90's we had two bostons from United States for 6 months. These dogs were on they way to Sweden for a hororable breeder Ulla Severin (kennel Oelandica's). Two males (Riley's Twice the Joey 'Tom' and Riley's Bundle of Joey 'Buddy') were totally different dispate the fact that they were brothers. Tom even loved so much our export Rofe that it was so hard to let Rofe go to his new home country of Russia, when the farewell day came. This little Rofe was the first boston terrier in the whole Russia or in the area of former Soviet Union ever.

We have exported dogs to the following countries:
2007 Miniblack's Just Wait'N'See (Sweden)
2006 Miniblack's Self Portrait (Sweden)
2001 Miniblack's Wild Winnie (Denmark)
1997 Miniblack's Touch of Finn (Russia)
1990 Miniblack's Sunshine Dancer (Switzerland)

Our first import was a huge star of that times. She was Mackendricks Private Dancer from Canada, from breeders Susan and Pat Milton. She does not need any presentation anymore. Without this great dog, we would have not completed so much fame and glory, and in Finland would have lacked many of the present Boston stars. The breeder of our super star Susan Milton have been also our friend for all these years and we really respect all the work she has done for the breed.

Melody leaving the StatesOur dog importing have continued in 2003. We imported Kenna from the Swedish kennel called Classic's. The kennel was owned by Margitha Hernström-Wallén and Bength Wallén.

In year 2007 we got two elegant and distinguished dogs by chance almost at the same time. Our lovely bitch called Melody came from USA, Alabama from the kennel T-Bo's and the male called Musti became from Germany from the kennel called Cabanterra. Here is the female Melody as a puppy and the male Musti by the breeder of his. With these two lovely dogs it's a pleasure to carry on this journey of breeding bostons.