The Miniblack's Bostons

All the bostons, owned by Anneli and Anne
Lumi New puppy

Our own bitches

FI CH Miniblack's Chic Pocahontas Saga
C.I.B & FI CH & DK CH & RU CH, RKFW-06 Miniblack's Dream On Doll Geri
C.I.B & FI CH & LT CH, JW-03, LTUW-06 Miniblack's X-Clusive Diva Disa
FI CH T-Bo's Singing In The Rain (USA imp.) Melody

Our own males

FI CH Cabanterra Zodiac At Miniblacks (Germany imp.) Musti
C.I.B & FI CH & S CH & EE CH & LT CH, LTUW-02 Face Quality Guy Veeti

Introduction of our dogs

"Grand Old Lady" Ani's daughter's Lola's daughter Saga (born 1999) is a winning personality: usually a disarming puppy but like her mother, Lola, also a rascal. "Big Saga" is happy to live Anne and her beloved playmate for little Geri. They are like two berries in the basket. Saga is also a mother herself and has proved to be very dutiful one: she wants to make sure that her puppies get a good start with their lives.

Veeti (born 2000) is a gentleman Midi's son. He is "The Male Of The House". His sire is our Midi and his background is clearly visible and he gets lots of attention. Veeti´s got lots of charm and style. As an open-minded and nice little "baby" we use to call him "heartbreaker". With his noble looks and mind, we expect a lot from him. He´s been well-mannered since his puppyhood and knows how to "beg politely" behind the other dog´s tails… so he´s also very clever. Veeti is very keen on his 'human mother' Anneli and follows her everywhere, even to take out the carbage!Veeti ja ystävä -pallo

Tiny but not the youngest of our clan is the daughter of Saga Disa (born 2002). She is quite little, but extremely stylish and good-looking. I would say posh and that is the word many breeder-judges use. She is the best friend of Veetis' and a highly intelligent one. Disa is the real guard dog of the herd. She knows all the tricks to fool everyone, maybe Veeti have tought her.

Last of our Miniblack's bostons but certainly not least is our 'baby' Geri (born 2003). You will find her extremely friendly and open. She definitely is a true boston. She moves and acts likes her famous grand-grand-grand-grandmother Ani. I enjoy having this little bitch. She is fallen in love with dog shows and she wants to travel around. The greatest thing with Geri is that she loves children. She can easily be with my young son, without any worries dog hurting him.

In 2007 we have imported two new dogs for ourselves. The bitch is from the States, Alabama. She is called Melody and the male is called Musti. He is a genuine EU-citizen, from Germany. Both the dogs are born in 2007. The brindle-coloured Melody is completely based on American lines. The father for Musti is purely American and mother is based on German lines. In Finland can be found only a few distant relatives of these two dogs. Pics of the puppyhood of these dogs can be found behind the links. Melody as a puppy and Musti by the breeder.

BOB Veeti and BOS Lola

In an International Dog Show on left BOB Veeti, swedish judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg and on right BOS Lola