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Page updated: 29.06.2009 - 20:00

Hi all Boston lovers from all over the world,

Miniblack's Webmaster I'm Anne Vainio (also formerly known as Anne Kariluoto) and I breed boston terriers under prefix Miniblack's. Some words about the webmaster's work and her thoughts about it in English.

Our dear friend and a real Miniblack's boston owner Aulikki Fihlman-Kosonen helped me with the web pages in the beginning. She tought me how to update the older pages and she got me started. So I got excited and wanted to learn more about the web world. These pages are now brand new and I hope you like the result. Jarmo Nevala helped me a great deal with the newer version of our pages.

Now our pages are done with html-language. Some pages are not done yet due to lack of time. The pages are built up with HTML-language and CSS1 & CSS2-styles. As soon as I learn more, there will be some interesting tricks on the pages. But I will not forget our own elegant style (like our bostons have) on the pages. In the future I want some more mobility on the pages.

The pages are not done with strict rules of W3, so I apologize for that. All the real nerds should not be insulted. My biggest and dearest passion is to breed our elegant and stylish Miniblack's bostons, so this web designing is just an amusement for me. That's the way it is.

Please, you are able to call us free via Skype in the internet. Anne's code is easy - miniblack's. The best time to call me is from monday to friday 18-21 pm. finnish time.
Here is some of the things I'm planning to have on our web pages:
  • Thoughs of our puppy owners
  • Drawings and poems of our offspring
  • Foto-pages
  • Maybe in the future some pages in other languages (maybe in swedish or in russian)
  • I'm planning Ani's fan pages, being published in address
If you are interested in adding something to the list, just let me know. I'm open to any suggestions concerning our pages.

Mail and all proposals to improve the pages, you are you able to send to webmaster Anne. I'd love to hear your opinion at When you write your mail leave the underline characters away.

Miniblack's puppies