Links recommended by Miniblack's Boston Terriers

Clubs for Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier Club Of America, Inc.
Finnish Bostons
Svenska Bostonterrier Klubben (Sweden)
Club Fur Boston Terrier (Germany)

Owners of Miniblack's Bostons
Miniblack's Candice Candle "Mimmi"
Miniblack's Ghost Of A Rose "Ruusu"
Miniblack's Go Go Gorgeous
Miniblack's Hot Gossip & Showbiz Bloke "Sissi" & "Kamu"
Miniblack's Hot Stuff "Hotsi"
Miniblack's Hot Topic "Iikkoo"
Miniblack's Real Showman "Elvis"
Miniblack's Second To None "Ninni"
Miniblack's Self Portrait & Just Wait 'n' See "Selma" & "Seppo"
Miniblack's Sweet As Sugar & Tiny Legend "Veera" & "Lissu"
Miniblack's Touch Of Finn "Rofe"
Miniblack's WeeWillieWinkie "Wallu"

Boston related links
Cabanterra Bostons
Classic's Bostons
T-Bo's Bostons

Other Dog related links
FCI - international kennel organization
The Finnish Kennel Club
The Finnish Toydog Association
AHT - does all the official JC tests
Boston pedigrees (Sweden)
Boston lover's link (in Finnish)
Anne's blog (in Finnish)
Maailman paras Boston eläinlääkäri - The best Boston vet in the world
Huvikummun griffonit - Huvikummun Griffons

Some more interesting links
Equestrian sports
Star of tomorrow in Rally Mika Laine
All you need to know of web designing
Firefox; the most diversed browser
The favourite cycle of Ani's
Blackmore's Night

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