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Happy new boston year of 2008 !
Brand New Homepages for Miniblack's Bostons !

♦We will have new homepages for our bostons, the address is These will be opened 1.1.2008 ! Welcome to these pages !!

♦ Next year will be new dogs in the dog shows, both the import from USA and from Germany are ready to take actions in the show rings next year. In our new pages are puppy pics of our imports and the pedigrees with pictures of them also.
ilmoitus tuonneista

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas !
We wish you Merry Christmas and seasons greetings !
Anne ja Anneli with their families and all the dogs

In Helsinki the Winner Show and Agility race in 9.12.2007
Hotsi presenting his skills
Our Agility star Hotsi acted like a star in a Agility race. Above the pic of the event. Hotsi presented his skills also in the toy dog presentation later on... Here are some pictures of that also..

Puppy show in Helsinki 2.12.

♦ Our import Melody attended to the second training show in Helsinki. This time Melody was easier to handle. She will be a huge star. The judge Unto Timonen liked our Melody and Melody was Best of Breed Puppy

International co-operation - exports and imports !
♦ From the latest litter of puppies we have exported a male boston puppy called Miniblack's Just Wait 'N' See "Seppo" to Sweden. In the end of November we have imported a puppy from the area of EU, as a companion to the Melody - The chic from the States. Welcome to our home, The Sweet Musti ! The proper introductions will be follewed. As soon as I'm able to have it done. export / import

In Memoriam
FIN CH Miniblack's Sweet As Sugar
* 4.5.1992   † 14.11.2007
for the Veera Veera has been put to sleep in the age of 15 years, 6 months and 10 days. She does not need to suffer from coldness anymore.

Rest in peace Veera and God bless you all in the family of Virtanen.

Question of the month: Is the love for bostons hereditary in humans?

♦ Do you know these women "Anne & Anneli / Marjukka & Hannele / Satu & Sirpa / Aulikki & Eeva / Hele & Seija / Lise-Lott & Laila" . All of the have fallen in love with bostons and they are mothers and daughters. All of these have their own Miniblack's bostons ... Some of them have even more than one or two.
And we laughed so..
Veeti - the father and father's father - wishes all the fathers
Pleasant father's day !!

Agility race in Kirkkonummi, Finland 3.11.2007
Miniblack's Hot Stuff running
Hotsi aka Miniblack's Hot Stuff won his race on Saturday 3.11. This was his first fastening to the next level of his career. Great Hodeliini ! All the results you are able to find here.

Hotsi can be found also in Helsinki Messukeskus Show in the Agility Arena. Hotsi has been pointed out to the " Agility - Idols " race and he will present his skill on Sunday 9.12. in Messukeskus. Further instructions in the web site of Kennel Club

Puppy show in Espoo 3.11.

♦ Our import from the U.S.A. called Melody was in the first puppy show in her life. She has never been to a one and never been in a noisy hall before. She acted like puppies should act - like puppies. She enjoyed too much for everything so the running was a bit like jumping.. After all the judge liked her and Melody was The Best Of Breed. The judge Marja Kosonen told Melody to be a playfull puppy in the critique with all other beautiful words of the beautiful puppy.

Changes ...
... their own bed is empty behind
their own bed is empty behind
♦ In the You tube service you are able to find beautiful songs of our puppies - Ghost of a Rose and Clock Ticks On.

♦ New pictures of Helmi will be found here.

♦ The puppies at the age of 7 weeks here.

Sundsvall INT, Sweden 6.10.2007

  Result: Best of Breed, two Swedish Champions and one International Champion  
BOS, judge T.Taulos and on right BOB Sissithe result
BOS, judge T.Taulos and on right BOB Sissi and all the rosettes
♦ Iikkoo ja Sissi have been in an international dog show in Sweden Sundsvall. First was the Iikkoo's turn and he received Swedish certificate and was BM2. At the moment that's all he needed. His sister Sissi was in the ring a bit later and she got everything - Best of Breed, with Swedish certificate and cacib. The judge was Tiina Taulos, there has been change of judge. All the results and titels you are able to find below.

6.10.07 Sundsvall INT
Tiina Taulos, FIN
Miniblack's Hot Gossip
Sissi ROP, BB1, cert, cacib,
6.10.07 Sundsvall INT
Tiina Taulos, FIN
Miniblack's Hot Topic
Iikkoo BM2, cert, res-cacib,

♦ Latest pics of the puppies at 6 weeks of old here.

News of September...
♦ In the Agility race Hodeliini (Miniblack's Hot Stuff) in the Agility race. He won his own class with the time difference of 18 seconds. He will be from now on in the higher class called Medi2. All the results of the race will be found here.
♦ Pics of the puppies here.
♦ The lovely Nikki is now 10 years of old. Some of her pictures here.
♦New pics of Peppi, Tyyne, Muumi and Sissi will be find in their pages.

Welcome To Finland Our " Real Dixie Chic " From U.S.A. !
Newcomer at Miniblack's - first kiss at the airport
First lovely kiss at the airport
See our little and beautiful newcomer from the original Boston Terrier country - The United States Of America.
Watch out for her in "Winner-07" Show, when she'll be in a show ring for the first time.
Thank you so much for having her in Finland !

♦ Photos of our puppies at the age of 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks you are able to find here.

Tampere ja Porvoo 9.9.07
♦ This summer's last shows have been this weekend. Our Lyyli started her showcarrier with a style: she won her class, got the Finnish CC and finally was BB2 only one champion bitch in head of her. Not a bad start. Also the multi champion Wallu have been in a show -this time only in Finland - in Tampere. He became Best of breed. Congratulations !
9.9.07 Tampere
Dusan Paunovic, HR
Miniblack's Wee Willie Winkie Wallu BOB
9.9.07 Porvoo
Natasa Blanusa, HR
Miniblack's Classic Design Lyyli BB2, CC, BOB junior
♦ Pictures of our newest litter you are able to find here. See and fall in love with the puppies!

The swimmer Brothers - Iikkoo & Hotsi
Miniblack's Hot Topic
Iikkoo in the swimming race
Miniblack's Hot Stuff
Hotsi is also into swinmming sports
♦ The brothers Iikkoo and Hotsi really love the water. Above you will find the bros in the element of theirs - water.

Here you are able to find some photos of the puppies at the age of 6 hours and 1 week.

Boston Picnic in Helsinki 26.8.2007
Miniblack's Classic Design
Miniblack's Classic Design
Some of our supporting troops
Some of our supporting troops
♦ In the special show for toydays, we had many of our offspring presented, altogether 12 bostons, of which 8 were in puppy classes. We had great class winnings, older bitch puppies were won by Lyyli and the same class in males were won by Geni. In the actual classes our " young and wild one " Ninni was placed as BB-3, out of 25 bitches. The judge was from the U.S.A. called Frank Sabella.
Geni was in the International Dog Show in Tervakoski on Saturday 25.8., see the results below.

25.08.07 Tervakoski INT
Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, FIN
Miniblack's Tuxedo Gent Geni BOB-puppy

New Miniblack's Boston puppies are born !
Muumi relaxing
Both the father and mother are tested in eyes normal (HC, PRA and RD) and patellas (0/0 both knees) are normal. The mother is also Baer-tested, hears normally. Both the father and the mother are JC-tested clear in England. The puppies are proved to be clear of genetic JC from both sides of the parents. See below mentioned testimonial for both of the parents:
Animal Health Trust DNA Test for Juvenile Hereditary Cataract:
"The dogs is CLEAR of Juvenile Hereditary Cataract. The dog have 2 copies of the normal gene and will neither develope Juvenile Hereditary Cataract, nor pass a Juvenile Hereditary Cataract gene to its offspring"

Pictures of the puppies will be soon on our pages. Traditionally new pics of the puppies will be published every week when the puppies grow older.

Time & Place &Judge The name of the dog The nickname Results Prizes
19.08.07 Heinola
Dick Baars, NL
Miniblack's Classic Design Lyyli BOB- puppy
Vasemmalla - On Left = Miniblack's Charming Indeed
On Left BOB puppy : Miniblack's Charming Indeed
Time & Place &Judge The name of the dog The nickname Results Prizes
12.08.07 Helsinki
Marja Kurittu FIN
Miniblack's Charming Indeed Alma BOB- puppy
♦ We are missing our little Lola, She is in Memoriam Announcement.

Started the month with new Champs
Liettuan tuliaiset ♦ We started our month in Palanga, Lithuania. There were our dog Iikkoo and a bitch - the mother for IIkkoo - Geri.

The weekend was worderful. Iikkoo became the Lithuanian champion and got the international Cacib and his mother Geri became the beauty queen. INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION. This have to be confirmed by the FCI, of course.

In Sunday our little puppy Lyyli took part in a puppy show in Helsinki under the Finnish judge. Beautiful Lyyli became BOB-puppy. See all the new titles and the results during the weekend of 4-6.8.2007.
Miniblack's Dream On Doll (will be confirmed by FCI)

Miniblack's Hot Topic
03.08.07 Palanga INT, Lithuania
Andrzej Kazmierski, POL
Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo BD1, CACIB,

03.08.07 Palanga INT, Lithuania
Andrzej Kazmierski, POL
Miniblack's Dream On Doll Geri BB2, res-CACIB
(will be confirmed by FCI)
04.08.07 Palanga INT, Lithuania
Pedro Bispo, POR
Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo BD1, CACIB, CC
04.08.07 Palanga INT, Lithuania
Pedro Bispo, POR
Miniblack's Dream On Doll Geri BB2, res-CACIB
05.08.07 Helsinki, puppy show
J.A.U. Yrjölä, FIN
Miniblack's Classic Design Lyyli BOB puppy
JULY 2007
Helmi BOB in Vantaa the mother Helmi BOB and her daughter Tyyne BOB-puppy
On Left: Best of Breed Miniblack's Tiny Pearl (Helmi) with the judge from Sweden Annika Ulltweit-Moe
On Right: BOB Helmi (the mother) and BOB-puppy Tyyne (her daughter)

Time & Place &Judge The name of the dog The nickname Results Prizes
29.07.07 Helsinki
Annika Ulltweit-Moe S
Miniblack's Tiny Pearl Helmi BOB, CC
29.07.07 Helsinki
Annika Ulltweit-Moe S
Miniblack's Rebel Indeed Tyyne BOB- puppy
Webmaster on vacation 15.- 28.7.2007
Anne's on holiday
♦ If you have urgent matter to ask for, call (+358 40 7188 198) or e-mail Anneli (

Puppymeeting and Puppy Show in Orimattila 15.7.
Our breeder's group out of puppies
♦ We had a puppymeeting and a puppy show in Orimattila on 15.7. In a rainy show our little Alma was BOB and BOS was Geni under Paula Valakari.

Very seldom we have a breeder's group out of puppies. Now we had one and what a results. Our group (Alma, Tyyne, Lyyli and Geni) was BOB and in the finals BIG3, the breeder's group out of boxers were beside us - it was funny. Also Alma was in the finals BIG4. This rainy Sunday was a success for us. The results of our puppies:

Miniblack's Fabulous Indeed "Muumi" 1/1 HP BD2 5-7, male
Miniblack's Showbiz Bloke "Kamu" 1/2 7-9, male
Miniblack's Tuxedo Gent "Geni" 1/1 HP BD1 BOS 7-9, male
Miniblack's Charming Indeed "Alma" 1/1 HP BB1 BOB BIG4 5-7, female
Miniblack's Rebel Indeed "Tyyne" 1/2 5-7, female
Miniblack's Classic Design "Lyyli" 1/1 HP BB2 7-9, female
Miniblack's breeder's group 1/1 HP BIG3

I'm already tired
← I'm tired of being beautiful

→ Miniblack's Charming Indeed BIG4
Miniblack's Charming Indeed BIG4

At Juva International Iikkoo was Best of Breed
Miniblack's Hot Topic on left
In a pic: Handsome Miniblack's Hot Topic 'Iikkoo' on right

Time & Place &Judge The name of the dog The nickname Results Prizes
07.07.07 Juva INT
Karl-Erik Johansson S
Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo BOB, Cacib
30.06.07 Saarijärvi
Lilian Hanniste EST
Miniblack's Ghost Of A Rose Ruusu BOS, CC

JUNE 2007
Miniblack's Bostons
Happy Mid-Summer!
Anneli & Anne
with their families

Ps. Webmaster on vacation 15.-27.7.
Bostons swimming

Updates in pedigrees
♦ Updates done to the following pedigrees (titles and pics): Lyyli, Siiri, Mimmi, Ruusu, Ninni, Muumi, Geni and Helmi. These are best found under the link of litters and there 2000-century litters.

Time & Place &Judge The name of the dog The nickname Results Prizes
16.06.07 Hämeenlinna
Vija Klucniece LV
Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo BOB
10.06.07 Vehmaa
Pirjo Aaltonen FIN
Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo BOB, CC, FIN CH & EST CH
10.06.07 Jämsänkoski
Paul Lawless IRL
Miniblack's Ghost of a Rose Ruusu BB2, CC
Miniblack's Hot Topic 'BOB'

MAY 2007
Helmi in Helsinki 26.5.2007
Helmi (Miniblack's Tiny Pearl) attended to the Helsinki dog show on 26.5. Helmi was lojal to her style, acted like a princess. The judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa liked her and gave her Best of Breed . Helmi got also the Finnish CC. Congratulations to the owners!
Miniblack's Hot Gossip became Champion of two countries
        Newest Champions of Miniblack's dogs 19.5.07

♦ In the International dog show in Helsinki made the judge Ilona Onstenk-Schenk from Holland our boston The champions of two countries - Finland and Estonia. The mother of the below mentioned puppy Miniblack's Hot Gossip aka Sissi got the last CC in Saturday 19.5.

The titles of the dog Sissi is at the moment as follows:
FIN CH, EST CH, LTUJCH, LTUJW-06 Miniblack's Hot Gossip

Congratulations to all of you in Riihimäki!

Tampere 17.5.2007
♦ The first puppy of Sissi's, the son called Geni aka Miniblack's Tuxedo Gent started the show career of his in a puppy Show in Tampere. The judge Juha Palosaari liked a lot what he saw, and gave Geni the Best of Breed puppy.

Keep up the good work Merja & family !
Miniblack's Tuxedo Gent

OOPS! She did it again!!
Miniblack's Self Portrait vasemmalla - on left
In a pic: Distinguished & beautiful Miniblack's Self Portrait 'Selma' on left
Miniblack's Self Portrait our lilla Selma took part in an international dogshow "Swedish Winner-07 / Svenska Vinnare-07" on Mother's Day in Stockholm. The judge was Adolfo Spector. He really liked Selma and the result was already the second certificate (CC) for Selma (11 months). Two shows and two CC's. Not bad at all.. ;-)) The last and crusial CC have to be received in Sweden also at the age of 2 years.
Enclosed the critics for Selma: Type and general expressions: excellent. Excellent head, front and rear movement, excellent body.

boston puppy
Happy Mother's Day all our boston mothers

Anneli & Anne

Miniblack's Sweet As Sugar our Veera is today 15 years of old. I have never heart that any of the bostons reached this magical number of 15, dispate the fact have had boston terriers over 20 years. Today it has happened. Veera is the oldest representative of your Miniblack's line. Many of our bostons have reached the age of 14, but never this 15.

Congratulations Sipe and Satu (the owners) for taking so good care of the Veera. It's been loved and well nurtured. Thanks for that!!

 Happy May Day !!!! Forever young - Miniblack's bostons'

APRIL 2007
♦ Our lilla Selma is living permanently in Sweden. Miniblack's Self Portrait took part for the first time in the official (international) show of 'Lilla Stockholm'. The judge was from Italy called Antonio Di Lorenzo. The 10-months of old Selma too the first CC (for Swedish championship) and was the second best bitch in the boston ring, following only the champion bitch.. Not a bad start at all for a show career. Grattis till er, och ett stort kram och puss till Selma.

♦ For your information !
Anne's own pages are opened in the following address. These are in finnish, but some pictures of dogs and other interesting stuff. You are able to find Anne's guest book there. Anne's personal pages.

♦ Nekku's blog updated during th Easter time (blog in finnish)

Happy Easter our friends !!

the whole bunch of Miniblack's bostons with the breeders

Happy Easter

Regards from the Hyvinkää agility competition 1.4.2007!
Agilityvoitto kotiin - Hotsi the winner
♦ The firs winning in the official Agility Arena for Hotsi) with 0-result (no mistakes).

Enclosed the pic of Hotsi doing the boston jump.!

In finnish all the results in here.
MARCH 2007

♦ In the Tampere international dog show on saturday 24.3. our Tampereen Lola was BOB-vetera. The judge was from Argentina - Adolfo Spector - due to an unfortunate change of judge.

♦ Nekku's blog in finnish in here. (updated 22.3.07)

Happy Women Day to everybody on 8.3.2007 ;-))

♦ These introduction pages are renewed. The dogs are in alphabetical order.

→ Selma, Helmi, Lissu, Wallu, Elvis, Disa, Veeti, Onni, PR, Lola, Sampo, Ninni, Voitto, Milo, Nemo, Nekku, Lempi, Kata, Nasu, Geri, Yoda, Ruusu, Alpo, Saga, Leevi, Midi, Mysse, Arri, Roni, Sa'Pe, Cindy, Mickey, Otto, Blacky, Rofe, Urho, Winnie, Hotsi, Iikkoo, Sissi

If you see missing links or mistakes, let Anne know via e-mail.

Our Miniblack's bostons in Action !

Riina & Hode ← Our Hotsi did have fun in the winter games dispate the coldness of -14 celcius and extremely heavy wind. See our Hotsi with the best friend 10 years of old Riina on left. Heidi & Helmi

→ On right you are able to see our sophisticated lady " Helmi ". Helmi and Heidi are preparing themselves to the highschool dance night. These two are like princesses.

Latest pics of Helmi's Puppies 8 weeks old (updated 21.2.07) New pics!

    Our latest Russian Champion was made in St. Petersburg in 3.2.2007

♦ Miniblack's WeeWillieWinkie aka Waldemar was in a dog show in St. Petersburg 3.2.2007. The result for Waldemar was BOB and champion of Russia at the same time.
Congratulations Miisa and Kari - the happy owners! At the moment the title row of Waldemar is as follows:
Miniblack's WeeWillieWinkie

The results of an international show in Turku in 28.1.
Miniblack's X-clusive Diva Best Of Breed in Turku
♦ We started our this years' shows with an international dog show in Turku. The judge was from Australia called James Hayward, and there were over 20 bostons attending, all the way from Sweden also. Here are the great results of ours written:
Young Iikkoo BM2
(after one champion dog only) received also Finnish certificate for championship, which he doesn't need.
GrandMa Lola was BOB veteran.
Our little Disa was Best of Breed BOB
Our breeder's group was the best breeder's group with great critics for example of similar breedtype and harmonic group. The dogs that were in the group were bitches Nasu, Disa, Lola and the male Iikkoo.

Latest pictures of the puppies & pedigree of the litters (with lot of pics of relatives)
Puppies of Sissi Puppies of Helmi
8 weeks old (updated 27.1.07) 5 weeks old (updated 31.1.07)
♦ Father (Classic's Silva's Lohman) of the Sissi's litter is now 2 years and in the beginning of the January he became Swedish Champion.
During the year 2007 is going to happen ... at least!
Miniblack's ♥ In the beginning of the year 2007 we are going to take care of the two litters that we have. There are not many shows in Finland at the moment. So we have plenty of time to take of our little ones.

♥ Sissi's puppies are growing fast and getting weight. There are almost 5 weeks old, and running wildly in the puppyroom. Here' the latest pictures of them:
The puppies of Sissi

Helmi made our day and gave birth to a litter on 27.12.06. There were alltogether four puppies - three females and a handsome male. Here's some pictures of them at the age of 12 hours and one week. No videos and 5-generation pedigrees at the moment available (not ready yet), but will be soon.. In the pedigree will be addided some pictures of the relatives.
Waldemar's (Miniblack's WeeWillieWinkie) and the his best mates - boxers - web page is now open. The pages are a bit under construction but they will ready soon. Here's the address to the pages of Waldemars': The address

Wallu / Waldemar is a good example of our offspring, which is happy with the bigger mates. The other good example of that is Wanita's boxers and our old one Veera ~ 14,5 years (The oldest member of Miniblack's stock at the moment) and young Lissu. The young-Selma in Sweden is also living happy together with Rottweilers.
The main and the only thing to be sure that all the dogs are well trained, afterwards everything is easy with a Miniblack's boston and the bigger pals.

♦ The famous blog of Nekku's (Miniblack's Go-Go Gorgeous) continues in year 2007. It's in finnish but there are great pictures of Nekku and Vili in the home environment. His human mam takes care of the writing part.
Miniblack's WeeWillieWinkie

♦ During the january-february I'm going to update some fab pictures of the older offspring of ours. Follow our page to see which of the older bostons got new posing pictures.

♦ The next show is in Turku for us in the end of January, til then we only take care of the puppies.

♦ Our website is a bit changed.. You are able to criticize all the web designing, please use Anne's e-mail, which is found in the contacts-page.