♦ Enclosed you are able to find the facts of Sissi's puppies, born 2. December. At the moment the puppies are 3 & 4 weeks. There is extencive pedigree of the puppies - 5 generatios. There are also many pics of the relatives and you are able to see what kind of relatives the puppies have.

Sissi's puppies

♦ Our latest FCI-confirmed INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION is presented just before christmas Waldemar a ka Miniblack's WeeWillieWinkie. As the owner Miisa said, The king of Manse is now "also officially beautiful". Congratulations Miisa & Kari!!
PS. The webpages for this beauty will be opened in the near future. Follow the Miniblack's pages for the grand opening...
meidän bostoneiden railakas uuden vuoden juhlinta

Just before the christmas... few things
Sissi's puppies at the age of 5 hours ♥ Sissi's puppies were born on 2.12. and there were quite lot of them also. Three bitches and two males.

All the puppies are doing fine and the mom is in excellent condition. Sissi is a caring mother and produces a lot of milk. In the enclosed picture the puppies are 5 hours old. Pics of the puppies

♦ Here's Nekku's the real boston's diary in Finnish. You are able to see the funny pictures here.

♦ Our "Lilla Selma" (Miniblack's Self Portrait) have been in a puppy show in December. This little lady won the BOB-puppy and did well in the finals. She was reserv in the big group of 9, Grattis Lise-Lott!

♥ ♥ The last dog show is still ahead and then we are going to settle down for waiting the puppies and of course The one and only Finnish Santa Claus.

On the web we are going to have updatings when we are having new pictures of the next lovely litter. I have to warn you, it might have cute material in those updatings.

♥ As you are able to see, some changes has been done on our web site. You are more than welcome to comment these changes to Anne.

Rauhallista ja hyvää Joulua 2006
Wish you a ‘ho’ ‘ho’ whole lotta fun this holiday season 2006.
God Och Trevlig Jul 2006
Froehliche Weihnachten 2006

The whole Miniblack's bunch
a boston puppy


♦ We are expecting to have puppies in December within our own Miniblack's line. If you are interested in our puppies contact Anne here...

International dog show on Saturday 4.11.2006 in Tartu, Estonia
♦ In Estonian International Dogshow received our young one Iikkoo (officially: Miniblack's Hot Topic) Estonian sertificate and reserv-Cacib. After the judgechanging, the judge was Israeli Zafra Sirik. Iikkoo have to wait for a while the Championship of Estonia, due the dog has to be Finnish Champion first. Due to regulations it can be done when the dog is 2 years of old. Iikkoo is a bit less, but after receiving that Iikkoo will be FIN CH ja EST CH at the same time. Congratulations Markku and Anu!

♦ FCI (international kennel organisation) has confirmed the titel of International Beuauty Champion for our little Disa. All Disa's titles are as follows:

INT CH & FIN CH & LTU CH, JW-03, LTUW-06 Miniblack's X-clusive Diva
From now on you are able to use these titles with Disa's name.

happy but tired traveller

♦ See the blog of Ruusu (Miniblack's Ghost of A Rose) here. You are able to see beautiful pictures of the little boston.


Some Good memories from summer 2006...
sunny summer of '06...

rescueing people - really

Our Beautiful Pride and Joy
The Greatest Granny ANI

4.5.1992 - 1.10.2006

INT & FIN & EST & RUS CH, EstW-93, -96, VDH- Bayern Sg-97, W-99
Miniblack's Ain't She Sweet
Anne's honey Ani Our sweet honey, THE Grand-Old-Lady and Boston of all the bostons Ani has left us 1.10.2006, due to aging.

Ani-Antsu-Antero was a legend, even when she was alive. She left also significant offspring behind.

Ani lived her life with great passion, but the weakness of the aging was too strong. Ani left us at the age of 14 years and 5 months. Her heart was like "a young dog", but the aging and coldness of fall left no obtions.

Rest In Peace our little cutie!!

Allways missing you,
Anne & Olavi
& the whole family of Kariluoto's

Some Autumn News!

just jumpin' around...

♦ The beutiful summer has ended to the beautiful fall.
We have had a great summer and a lot of joyable things has happened during the summertime.

At the moment we are looking for future and enjoy the company of our beautiful offspring. In the near future we'll be having stepping of little boston paws. We'll keep you posted! ;-) Follow our website for more information.
♦ As soon as Anne has spare time, our website will be a bit different, too. The renewed pages are almost ready and Anne will test them first. This will be ready til November-December 2006.


Selma in first puppy show ~ BOB-puppy and BIG-3 in Sweden on 24.9.06
♦ Miniblack's Self Portrait nicknamed Selma has started her show career in her new home country Sweden with a puppy show. The result was BOB-puppy and also in the group finals BIG-3. The judge liked a lot of Selma. He told in swedish about the positive things as follows: "Han tyckte, hon hade ett trevligt temperament med vackert huvud och uttryck, bra hals och rygg. Bra bröstkorg och bra steg för åldern." In English Selma has a brilliant temperament and beautiful head with good expression, good neck and back. Good brisket and she moves beautifully for such a small puppy. Congratulations! Grattis Lise-Lott och Selma!
Helsinki Dog Show 17.9.2006
tuomari Pirjo Aaltonen on the left BOB our Miniblack's Hot Gossip

♦ In the Tuomarinkartano in Helsinki was the last dog show for this season. The judge was finnish Pirjo Aaltonen. She liked our Sissi very much and in the end Sissi was qualified as BOB. Right afted her was her mother Geri and Granny Lola. The last mentioned was also BOB-veteran. No Other Miniblack's bostons were in the show.

♦ Some diary extracts from Nekku boston. Unfortunately all are in Finnish, but you may see some wonderful pictures. Click here to see the exctacts

♦ Also well succeed in the shows, Our Hotsi-boston has won this week in the Agility competition in Agility Arena in Helsinki.

Porvoo Dog Show 10.9.2006
♦ In the beuatiful and autumnal Porvoo dog show Geri became Champion of three countries and her son was BOS. The judge was a man from Croatia, called Igor Selimovic.
In Porvoo Dog Show

Lola was qualified BOB-veteran and Miniblack's breeder's group was the BOB-breeders class. In this class were Lola, Geri, Sissi and Hotsi. In the best dog class the best was (also BOS) Hotsi. He got also finnish certificate.

MINIBLACK'S BOSTONS our kennel got 30th champion boston
Geri became champion of three countries at the same time in Porvoo 10.9.
Geri also called Miniblack's Dream On Doll became champion of three countries in Porvoo - Finnish, Danish and Russian Champion. Attention offpring who has Geri in their pedigrees, from now on Geri is as follows:

Miniblack's Dream On Doll

From now on you may use this list of titles with the name of Geri...
Geri became champion of three countries
♦ Interesting sites of our offspring of latest litter:

Selma ( Miniblack's Self Portrait) website

Ruusu (Miniblack's Ghost Of A Rose) Blog (in Finnish)

Mimmi (Miniblack's Candice Candle) photo album.


♦ In the Toy Dog specialty on Sunday 28.8. our Lola was chosen as a BOB-veteran. Only 9-years old 'Lillis' represented herself well in the breed ring and group ring. In the group finals Lola were picked amoung the 8 most beautiful toydog veterans of this special show. Lola is going to be like her distinguished mother Ani.
Both the BOB and BOS were also Miniblack's related. As many years before the beautiful siblings of Roni's were chosen as BOB and BOS. Well done daughter and son of Miniblack's Oh Sweet Arnold's! ;-)

Hämeenlinna International Dog Show 26.8.2006
♦ In the beautifully sunny Hämeenlinna our bostons did great job. In the all categories where our bostons were presented, our bostons won everything. The judge was from Czech called Bozena Ovesna. Here you are able to find all the results:

Miniblack's Second to None our little one "Ninni" was chosen BOB-puppy in her second show. She was also BOB-puppy in the first show. Lola was BOB-veteran ;-). Best Male was our champion Waldemar. Right after him became brothers Hotsi ja Iikkoo, leaving all the other males behind. In the Best Bitch class was daughter Sissi second and mother Geri third. We won the breeder's class with Waldemar, Geri, Hotsi and Iikkoo with judge's praise 'Super Gruppe'.

Waldemar was best male and BOS at the end. Also the siblings got well - both got the finnish certificates and international cacibs. Because both the best bitch and best male were already international champions, so the reserve cacibs will be given to Hotsi and Sissi by the FCI. Not bad at all the young ones.

In August....
♦ Few nice results from us... Hotsi, Miniblack's Hot Stuff continues his career with Agility. This time he won in Agility in Helsinki, Ruoholahti.

Lissu, Miniblack's Tiny Legend (not yet linked) won BOS in Pyhäsalmi in 13.8. The judge was Paavo Mattila from Finland. Well done Sipe & Satu.

19.8. in Kouvola our Lilla-Lola was BOB-veteran and Miniblack's breeders class was BOB. This time in the class were presented Lola, Milo, Geri and Lempi.

Puppy Show in Helsinki 5.8.2006
Ninni in puppyshow BOB-puppy and BIG-3

♦ 7-months old Ninni started her show career in the first puppy show. Ninni Miniblack's Second to None was on Saturday 5.8. in a puppyshow BOB puppy. In the group finals in toydog group, she was placed as high as 3.rd place. Great job for a newcomer! ;-) The judge was Marja Kurittu.
Ninni presented herself both nicely and badly, but still the judge thought that Ninni is a great future hope despite of her "bit lively actions" in the ring... But anyway the boston puppies should act like a lively and friendly bostons, shouldn't them?

♦ Some Healthresults!
Our younger generation Sissi ja Helmi were in the eye- and knee- examinations. Both were registred healthy - not PRA, HC, RD and knees were tested normal. The results for both knees were 0 for both girls.

JULY 2006

Mäntsälä show 23.7.2006
Kata on the right In the Mäntsälä show were many youngsters looking for a certificate of Finnish Championship. There were no champion bitches.

Our 1-year old Kata (Miniblacks Tiny Cutie) got the certificate in front of the all the others. The judge was hungarian Annamaria Tarjan. Our Kata was Best of Opposite Sex, Great Cutie-Kata! Congratulations all the owner in Lahti!
Hotsi (Miniblack's Hot Stuff) has been in Helsinki Purina Arena on the 10th of July in a Agility competition. He won his own class. There were at least 20 dogs compiting, I think the result was not bad at all. Congratulations Hotsi and the owner Pirjo. Afterwards Hotsi was awarded with a cooling swim in a lake nearby. Here's all the results in finnish; agilityurheilijat.

Kenna's puppies at the age of 8 weeks.

♦ Kennel Miniblack's has exported a boston terrier bitch (Miniblack's Self Portrait) to Sweden .
Kennel Miniblack's har exporterat boston terrier tiken Miniblack's Self Portrait "Selma" till Sverige.

♦ In the sunny dog show in Savonlinna on Saturday 8.7.2006 the finnish judged Jouko Leiviskä has given Best of Breed to Lissu (Miniblack's Tiny Legend). Congratulations Satu and Sirpa!

Lazy days of two Bostons - Ani ja Saga ... Are you able to find them?
Ani and Saga enjoying life

Kenna's puppies at the age of 6 and 7 weeks.
JUNE 2006

Sunny Midsummer Everyone!
Life in Summer!

Kenna’s puppies at the age of 5 weeks. Warning, you’ll find very cute material here.

♦ Anne is having vacation and webpages are not updated (one tiny exception: puppy pictures!) during 23.6.-14.7.
Happy summertime to everybody A & A & lovely Miniblack’s bostons

International Dog Show in Pärnu, Estonia 17.6.2006
In Pärnu BOB & BOS, in the middle the judge

♦ We came home with Miisa from Estonia along with the “BOB bitch” and “BOS male” of the day. The young Sissi (Miniblack's Hot Gossip) won the cousin Waldemar (Miniblack's Wee Willie Winkie). She was BOB. Sissi got her first CACIB, because it’s now possible to win (old enough). During the same trip Waldemar became our newest INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION. The greatest congratulations also to the owners Miisa and Kari.

The judge was also a bostonbreeder - Inese Pablaka. In the show the other dogs were also from Finland ;-) The second best male was an American male but Finnish owned Oui's The One and after Sissi were the rest of the Finnish bitches.

♦ In Tuuri western part of Finland on Sunday 18.6. became our Iikkoo BOS. He got also the certificate. In this show was the judge also a boston breeder - Leni Nousiainen. Pretty nice results we got during only one weekend. It’s also pleasure that the judges are also interested in this breed, I mean breeders themselves. That’s why the winnings tasted even better.

Sweetest puppies are now 4 weeks.

Lola BOB-veteran our breeder’s class waiting for our turn.
The last time “The European Winner Show” was held in Helsinki approx. 15 years ago. This time on Sunday 11.6. was shown about 30 bostons, even so far like Italy. This is huge amount, if you compare this with the low amount of bostons in Europe. The judges were Jorge Nallem (juniors) the other classes were judged by Dutch Peter van Montfoort.

Our juniors did not get so much like our veteran Lola. "Grand old lady" Ani (14yrs.) gave space to to daughter of hers in the show ring, and our Lola enjoyed the show environment. Lola got one extra title and she is now also EuVW-06.

Our breeder class also was “BOB breeder’s class”. That’s the reason why our dogs were able to see in Television (channel 4) two separate times.

♦ Pictures of the latest litter at the age of 1-, 2 -, and 3 weeks is able to see here here. Tomorrow we will be in European Winner Show in Helsinki.

♦ In a dog show in Mänttä on 4.6.2006 chose the judge Paavo Mattila Iikkoo Best of Breed. Congratulations Iikkoo!

MAY 2006

Maskuline male and feminine female?
We are often asked how do we know the influence of Sex. It's quite easy: In a comparison of specimens of each sex, the only evident difference is a slight refinement in the bitch's conformation. In this picture the difference is easily seen, the difference of a bitch and a male.

Act as 'mannequins' here showed the cousins Hotsi aka Miniblack's Hot Stuff and Nasu aka Miniblack's Tiny Delight.

♥ At us was born our record litter 19.5.2006. We got extremely many puppies - only one male but five females. Here's the first pictures of them and more information will be followed every week. The mother and the puppies are doing fine and are healthy. ;-)

♦ Read here the extremely funny Nekku-boston diary of Nekku's. Increadible stories, but unfortunately only in Finnish.

INT dog show in Helsinki on 21.5.2006
Atmosphere in Helsinki

♦ In the international dog show in Helsinki on 21.5 was the english judge and boston terrier breeder Terence Burgess. The judge made BOS Veeti. The happiest suprise was made by Sissi. She was BB2, and got the cc and res- cacib. The last one will be changed to the real Cacib and so Sissi got the first attachment to International Beauty Champion. Two of the youngest has to train a bit, though. ;-) Helmi (10 months) looked like a rabbit, because she was jumping in the ring.

Bostonly happy Mother's day to all mothers
especially to my own patient and excellent mother, Anneli!
You're the best!

Ani ja Veera 14 years on 4.5.2006 - and our supergrannies are still going strong
♦ We appoint the day of 4.5.2006 to the Great Day of Miniblack's. Our supergrannies Ani ja Veera are today 14 years. We have had many over 10 years old bostons, Our record holder is still Ukko Miniblack's Miracle Man. He was 2 months less than 15 years when he died. Maybe that's the record in Finland also? We are so pleased that Veera and Ani are also carrying on this pleasant history.

♦ Soon we will be having next litter of Miniblack's family. Of course our supergranny is in the pedigree of them also.

Happy birthday supermammies

APRIL 2006

5 generations of Miniblack's bostons straight after Ani
5 generations of Miniblack's bitches after Ani

We decided to take a picture of Ani's girls to honour the upcoming 14- years birthday of Ani !

In the picture is, at the moment, the youngest representative of the Miniblack's family - Ninni (3 months) and the oldest 'Grand Old Lady' - 14 years old Ani. The sweet bunch of bostons are as follows (from right on):
Ani Miniblack's Ain't She Sweet 14 years
Lola Miniblack's Me Too J'Ani'S 9 years
Saga Miniblack's Chic Pocahontas 6 years
Geri Miniblack's Dream On Doll 2 years
Ninni Miniblack's Second To None 3 months

Finnish Bostons Abroad!
Geri presenting herself We enjoyed our Easter holidays in St. Petersburg / Russia in the International Dog Show on 15. April 2006. Unfortunately we had only one dog with us, but she got everything. ;-)

Geri Minblack's Dream On Doll was the best bitch, got the CAC (becomes Russian champion later), international Cacib and finally Best of Breed. She also became "Russian Winner-06".

The report of the journey is here. The writing is in Finnish, but the pictures are "international language. :-)

Happy Easter!!

wishes Anne and Anneli and the whole Miniblack's bunch.

We are eagerly waiting for the birthday of the oldest 'super mammies' Veera and Ani to become 14. years of old. They will be on 4.5.2006. Keep Up the Good 'Age'!

Beside are some of our younger offspring:
Miniblack's Kiss Me Quick on left, Miniblack's Tiny Pearl on right

Something interesting??
5 years Kismi & Helmi 3 months
Bulletin 4/2006
Important News !!!

Anne has a new e-mail address:
The new address is

The old e-mail works still, but it will be vanished away in the near future. So please use my this address for future contacts.
You are able to call us with Skype. We both have new addresses in the internet. Anne is having address miniblacks, Finland and Anneli is answering in the address of anneli.kariluoto, Finland. The best time to reach us is between 18.00-21.00 Finnish time.
Upcoming Miniblack's litters !!!

New bostonlitters will be born in springtime and in summertime 2006. Ask Anne for further interesting details!

MARCH 2006

Lithuenian winner show in Vilnius 11-12.3.

	   Miniblack's Wee Willie Winkie INT & FIN & LTU CH, JW-03, LTUW-06
	   Miniblack's X-Clusive Diva LTUJW-06 Miniblack's Hot Gossip

Miniblack's Wee Willie Winkie

INT & FIN & LTU CH, JW-03, LTUW-06
Miniblack's X-Clusive Diva


Miniblack's Hot Gossip


Helmi also called Miniblack's Tiny Pearl, training in a puppy show in Helsinki, kaapelitehdas 26.2.2006.

Miniblack's Tiny Pearl "Helmi"
Helmi poseeraa

♦ The latest photos and videos of the latest puppies. Click this button. The pictures are taken every week till 7 weeks old. The mother is Geri and father is Niilo.

♦ Extremely Happy Boston Year 2006!!!

♦ Our webpages have been changed for a bit. Our Miniblack's bostons - webpages are the oldest pages in Finland, if you think of the breeders of bostons. This year our web pages are celebrating the 5th year anniversary. Our pages were published in 2001.

♦ Anne and her family is living in a new house. The new address is in Helsinki: The address is Jupiterintie 3 A 1 from 31. January 2006 on. The postal code is the same 00750 Helsinki.


Miniblack's Hot Topic

Qualified for Crufts in England
Our show calender for the year of 2005 ended enjoyable in the Nordic Winner Show. In Helsinki on 18.12.2005 were nearly 40 bostons enrolled all over the Nordic countries. There were about seven to eight bostons from Sweden and Norway and of course all the best bostons in Finland. This dog show was "The World's biggest 1-day dog show", alltogether over 7000 dogs per day.

Our youngster Iikkoo was first Junior Winner 2005 and afterwards he amazingly got the BEST OF BREED title and the Nordic Winner 2005 -title. It was a quite suprise to get these titles, because there compiting for example multible world winner, multi champions (for example American Champ) and the all the stars of the today in Finland in this same show.

Thank you Anu and Markku, Keep up the Good Work with the brilliant Iikkoo!!!!

Iikkoo debuted also in the television. Our national television Channel4 showed Iikkoo in the documentary of the 'The biggest dog show in the world' (over 7000 dogs judged during one day). In the new years' eve there will be repeat broadcast in Channel4.
ps. My 3 years old goddaughter annoused in the morning that the winner dog is on the table when I was showing Iikkoo there. She really has a good eye for bostons.

Best of Breed "Iikkoo" on the left, then the swedish judge Karl-Erik Johansson and on the right is the swedish BOS.Iikkoo enjoying the atmosphere