Happy but tired Iikkoo sleaping on Anne's pillow!
♥ ♥ ♥ Miniblack's bostons wish you all; our dear friends and supporters all over the world Bostonly Happy New Year 2006 ♥ ♥ ♥

In the enclosed picture our show star Miniblack's Hot Topic also called "Iikkoo" sleeping on Anne's pillow after the hard day's night.

You are able to call us with Skype. We both have new addresses in the internet. Anne is having address miniblacks, Finland and Anneli is answering in the address of anneli.kariluoto, Finland. The best time to reach us is between 18.00-21.00 Finnish time.

Miniblack's Hot Topic

Qualified for Crufts in England
Our show calender for the year of 2005 ended enjoyable in the Nordic Winner Show. In Helsinki on 18.12.2005 were nearly 40 bostons enrolled all over the Nordic countries. There were about seven to eight bostons from Sweden and Norway and of course all the best bostons in Finland. This dog show was "The World's biggest 1-day dog show", alltogether over 7000 dogs per day.

Our youngster Iikkoo was first Junior Winner 2005 and afterwards he amazingly got the BEST OF BREED title and the Nordic Winner 2005 -title. It was a quite suprise to get these titles, because there compiting for example multible world winner, multi champions (for example American Champ) and the all the stars of the today in Finland in this same show.

Thank you Anu and Markku, Keep up the Good Work with the brilliant Iikkoo!!!!

Iikkoo debuted also in the television. Our national television Channel4 showed Iikkoo in the documentary of the 'The biggest dog show in the world' (over 7000 dogs judged during one day). In the new years' eve there will be repeat broadcast in Channel4.
ps. My 3 years old goddaughter annoused in the morning that the winner dog is on the table when I was showing Iikkoo there. She really has a good eye for bostons.

Best of Breed "Iikkoo" on the left, then the swedish judge Karl-Erik Johansson and on the right is the swedish BOS.Iikkoo enjoying the atmosphere

Wish you all the best, Miniblack's bostons!

Season's Greetings!
Anne & Anneli

If you are coming to the huge dog show events in Helsinki (17-18.12.) let us know. Definitely we will be there, so see you then.

♦ We will be having puppies maybe in the near future.
If you are interested in having a puppy,
please contact Anne for further information


♦ The renewed gallery is now publishe. The renewed photo gallery with a lot of pics could be seen here. The pictures are taken during the last three decades, during the years 1984-2005. See and Enjoy!

♦ Our Miniblack's brochure is now out in Russian language. The most difficult brochure first out, the other brochures are out in English and in Swedish as soon as I'm able to check them. Here you are able to see the output.


♦ In Memoriam! Our bright star Miniblack's Oh Sweet Arnold 'Roni' passed away 25.10.2005 at the age of 11 due to aging.
Our deepest sympathy to the ownwer. Wish you strenght!

The flourishing siblings at puppyshow in Hyvinkää and Lahti:
Miniblack's Hot Gossip *Sissi*
BOB-puppy (right in the pic)
Miniblack's Hot Stuff *Hotsi*
BOS-puppy (left in the pic)
Hotsi & Juha Putkonen & Sissi Hotsi & Jari Partanen & Sissi
♦ On 22. and 23. October intended bunch of our young puppies in a puppy shows in Hyvinkää and Lahti. In Hyvinkää and in Lahti were very successful. Cute Miniblack's Hot Gossip ‘Sissi’ was BOB puppy and her handsome brother Miniblack's Hot Stuff 'Hotsi' was BOS-puppy in the both shows. The next placings were won by our Miniblack's Hot Topic and Miniblack’s Gothic Girl Lempi. Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo intended also the national show in Seinäjoki and there he won the BOB-puppy. The judges in the shows were as follows: Hyvinkää: Juha Putkonen, Finland Lahti: Jari Partanen, Finland Seinäjoki: Pranislav Rajic, Slovenia In a whole the weekend was a great success and all the owners of the puppies showed their dogs extremely well. Keep up the good work!

♦ If you are interested in the breed boston terrier. Please read our FAQ (Frequently asked questions). There you are able to see all the interesting and most frequently asked questions, which we have been answering over and over again during the years. See the link here.


Saturday 17.9.05 in a puppy show in Tampere, Finland:

The judge was Anne Sume from Estonia. In a show were shown four Miniblack's boston puppies. The results were:
Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo BOS puppy
Miniblack's Gothic Girl Lempi PEK-1 hp
Miniblack's Hot Stuff Hotsi PEK-2
Miniblack's Hot Gossip Sissi PEK-2

All the puppies showed themselves properly, dispite the fact that there were no ‘professional handlers’ in a show. So the results were great.
Historical moment:
First time in a history of Miniblack’s bostons or in the history of the breed we could have Breeders class in a puppy show! It was a great pleasure to have this for the first time of our lives.
Unfortunately I was not there because of the danish show….
Sunday 18.9.05 KBhV- Show in Copenhagen, Denmark:

In Copenhagen was a Italian judge called Paolo Dondina.
The trip was quite chronic (only about 1800 kilometres), but it was really joyable. Our young mother Geri got the Danish CC. When she will be Finnish Champion, she will gain the Danish championship as well. Geri is able to be Finnish champion at the age of two at the earliest possible. Then Geri will be FIN and DK CH Miniblack's Dream On Doll at the same time.
Rare breeder's class of puppies
In a pic (from left):
Anneli & Hotsi, Anu & Iikkoo, Hele & Lempi, Henna & Sissi. The foto is by Markku Rinta-Halkola.

Hotsi (Miniblack's Hot Stuff) has his own website. See the site here.

♦ In the national show in Porvoo Hotsi (Miniblack's Hot Stuff) won BOB puppy tittle. The judge was from Poland called Malgorzata Supronowicz. Our sincere compliments to the owners.

♦ Results from the Kotka International show are as follows. Miniblack's Admiral Nelson Niilo gained BOB veteran tittle and Miniblack's Me Too J'Ani'S aka Lola was BOS-veteran. The judge also liked what he saw because he selected Niilo to be second best male boston, dispite the fact that Niilo is a veteran dog. The winner was almost invincible 'Miniblack’s-related' Nevicata's Indiana Jones. The judge was polish Andrzej Kazmierski. Miniblack's Hot Gossip our littleSissi entertained us in a puppy ring at the same time when her father Niilo was in a veteran class. Sissi got the honour prize.

If you are worry about the health of our grand old lady Ani. Don’t be! Ani has had a minor flu, but it’s under control and Ani will be in order in no time. Ani has now good medicine and the vet told that she will recover. The vet also told that Ani has of heart of a young one and she definitely does not need any medication dispite the flu. Long live Ani. At the moment she is 13,5 years.
Ani lepäilee ylhäisessä yksinäisyydessään

Miniblack's Hot Topic *Iikkoo*


In the Finnish Toy Dog Association’s 2005 Championship Show were 39 boston terriers, which is a huge amount. The Show was held in Helsinki park of Kaivopuisto. There were also nine boston puppies which is the record for the breed in Finland. The wheather was rainy but the results were good. This time it was time to succeed in the puppy and veteran classes. Out Hot-litter was success all together but the Miniblack's Hot Topic aka Iikkoo was BOS-puppy. All our puppies got the horour prize. In veteran class the ‘allways junior’ -veteran Niilo won the BOB-veteran tittle. By the way this old 11 years old gentleman is a father to this Hot-litter. He was so excited about the show that he did no t mind at all the disguisting rain. Niilo is a old mate to Ani, which is now retired from the show Arenas at the age of 13. In this championship show Ani got the last years boston veteran of the year prize. At the moment it is the last prize for Ani.

See our latest litter of 7 weeks click here.
Next time we will see you in the Special Show for toydogs in Helsinki on Sunday 28 th September 2005. There will be about 39 bostons in the show. This amount is huge amount of bostons. See you there.

See the happy memory of Anne's. You will find boston puppy swimming in the cold water and afterwards taking a very hot Sauna. Click this video to see it.

The veteran Lola advocated 20.8. alone the Kennel Miniblack's in the international dog show in Hämeenlinna. The judge was JAU Yrjölä from Finland and Lola got The best veteran title. Go, Lola, go.

Miniblack's Hot Stuff *Hotsi* On the 7th of August the young ones were on the arena. Our little bostons were at the puppy show in Helsinki and the judge was friendly finnish judge Gun Holmström. The best boston puppy was Miniblack's Hot Stuff (male) the BOS-puppy was his sister Miniblack's Hot Gossip. Enclosed I show the Hotsi training for the show on the table.

Click here to see the names of the puppies. There you are able to see the latest pictures also. The latest videos are below as follows:

Video n:o 3 Video n:o 4 Video n:o 4

We are eagerly waiting for the home pages of the Sissi boston (Miniblack's Hot Gossip) The address is already here.

JULY 2005

On the following addresses you are able to see some videos of our latest litter. The videos are short, because they are so huge (about 2 megas each).
Be careful, the puppies are so cute! ;-))

Video n:o 1 and Video n:o 2
Awaid watching if you are having bad 'puppyfever'. ;-))

See the latest pictures of the puppies, taken 30.7.2005. Click here to see the pics. We enjoyed the sunny weekend of 16.-17.7. with our bostons (and with great success) in a dog show. Geri has gone wild. After the litter, and already the second weekend in a row Best of breed. The judge was swedish Hans Almgren. In the Group finals Geri was excellently BIG 3. All the handling was made by Anneli and Anne didn't do anything. Anne has been handling for years, but the roles are now maybe changing... We will see what happens. Great work Geri and Anneli!

In the northern part of Finland (Nivala) was an international dog show on Sunday. There was our "obedience star" in a dog show. Urho got the last cerfificate for Finnish championship. Urho has been in shows very seldom, but everytime he has been to a one, he has been very successful. He is now FIN Ch & BH Miniblack's Up and Go. We proud breeders want to congratulate the owners Taina ja Jarmo Martiskainen.

Pictures of the winners during the weekend:
Miniblack's Dream On Doll *Geri*
& Anneli: BOB & BIG-3
FIN Ch BH Miniblack's Up and Go *Urho*
owner Taina Martiskainen
Ypäjä BIG3 Geri with her handler Anneli FIN Ch BH Minblack's Up And Go

Babies are growing fast and enjoying the hot summer days. See the pictures here. We keep enjoying the sun. It is the real "boston-wheather"..

In the sunny first weekend in July we spent in a dog show and having puppies. Anne went to a dog shows in Tuusula and Hyvinkää. Anneli stayed home and helped Disa with birth of the litter. See the puppies here.. Click You are able to ask about the puppies from Anneli. See the contact information elsewhere.

In Tuusula was Miniblack's Lord Invincible BOS, he got also the CC (certificate for finnish championship). His old father Niilo won the Best veteran-title. The judge was a french lady called Sylvie Desserne. She told that she has one boston at home. She told that she is totally mad about the breed.

The next day the italian judge Pietro Paolo Condò was in Tuusula.. This time our little Geri was also compiting and accustoming to the show rings after her litter.

Geri has developed with huge steps after the birth of her babies - physically and definitely mentally. She is not so wild anymore. She is a sophisticated lady at the moment. The judge saw that and Geri was the best bitch with CC and after that she won also BOB.
Niilo was second time around: The best veteran of ther breed.

Family portrait: Sissi with her mother ~ 
Niilo father & Immu son Anne with Geri
in Tuusula dog show: Sissi and Geri
Niilo and Immu
BOB in Hyvinkää: Geri
with handler Anne

I've done the standard of the boston terrier in PDF-form in five languages. The languages are: finnish, swedish, english, german, russian. Read atleast the english version, which made by boston club in USA. That standard explains with pictures the boston terrier and how the dog should appear. It's fun hobby to everyone, to compare the standard with own dog. Which are the points need to be improved.

At the moment I'm writing our Miniblack's history in russian. It probably takes a while, but I will finish it some day. When the booklet is done, I will publish it on our website. During the months of September or August our photo gallery will be renewed. The pictures of our latest litters are also added on the web during the summertime.

Lola will be celebrating her 8 years birthday in July then she is able to attend to veteran classes in the dog shows. I'm eagerly waiting for that day. This fall will be many of our little puppies be able to attend to the puppy classes of the shows. That is also something to look for...

JUNE 2005

We wish you now relaxing summertime. We now spend some holiday elsewhre with horses, and with relatives.
We'll be back in no time. Right in the beginning of July we'll have some news with bostonbabies.
Relax like a boston!! Br, Saga
See our pregnant mother. Disa is shining with the sun. How beautiful she can be though she's having babies soon.
See how steady her back is - so compact and streight. Also the coat is in excellent show condition. ;-))
Relax and enjoy the summer, says Saga - the grandma

Miniblack's Watch Me Quick aka Quattro have passed the behaviour test in Oulu. There was the same "obedience"judge who judged our Urho long ago. He remember that Urho got the best result he has ever given to any of the dogs. Interesting to hear! Quattro behaved like a real boston, she really knows her 'highness'. She was a little bit arrogant and self-centered, but friendly and nice. And the observer judge liked Quattro very much. Anne Koskela - the owner- told me that Quattro got more watchers that any of the other breeds that day. Unfortunately the report is made by the owner and it's in finnish.

Arttu - tuomari Juha Kares - Disa
MAY 2005

The beautiful weekend in May we spent in the following dog shows:

On Saturday 28.5. we were in Riihimäki and there we also visited our little one "Sissi". The judge there was new finnish judge Juha Kares. There were 11 dogs attending and the BOB was our so called 'cousin' and the BOS was our sweet Disa.
In Helsinki there was a Danish judge called Leif Lehmann-Jörgensen. On sunday there were also 11 dogs and our Veeti was BOS. Our Miniblack's ZZ Zenith also called Yoda got the CC (certificate for finnish championship). Congratulations for the CC owners Meri and Mikko!

See our dogs in informal situations (see the FAQ-page).
Oulussa iloinen joukko ja tuomari keskellä
We celebrated our's Mother's Day in a dog show in Oulu with our dear bostonfriends. The wheather was terribly cold (as always when we are visiting the northern parf of Finland) but the atmosphere in the show was warm and friendly. The judge was from Sweden - Carl-Gunnar Stafberg as well as there was a boston from Sweden also. The amount of dogs was 8, which was a bit surprise.

Our Urho was almost the winner, despite of the fact that he is randomly vising dog shows. Because he is an official rescue dog for authorities. This was the third time in a dog show for Urho and at the moment he's got two CAC's. Not a bad result Urho!! The best of breed was our Veeti and the grand old lady Lola was BOS. Anne and Lola are still waiting for veteran classes for Lola in July...
8.5.2005 Happy Mothers' Day! especially the Miniblack's Boston mothers!

The oldest representative of the Miniblack’s clan will be 13 years on the 4th of May 2005. Veera (Ch Miniblack’s Sweet As Sugar) owned by Sipe and Satu Virtanen, kennel Wanita’s and our own Ani are the oldest bostons at the moment. Both girls are doing fine, and living cozy life in Helsinki and Joensuu. Almost as old as them are almost 11 years of old Ani’s sons Arri, legendary Roni and Arri.

During the last two years we have unfortunately lost a few members of the Miniblack’s family: This spring 9,5 years Mini (Miniblack’s Real Handyman) passed away, last autumn Mickey and a year before him Midi. These both lived almost 15 years. Click on the names of these two and you will find the memorial notices of these gentlemen. We really miss these tree boys, but they had a good life and now they are doing fine somewhere out there…

APRIL 2005
Lahti KV-näyttely Disa oikealla

Anne & Anneli & Miniblack's bostons

In Lahti was an international dog show 24.4. There we had a great time. One of the reasons, we had so much fun was that our Disa was BOS (Best of Opposite Sex). The winner was modesty a multiwinner, which we are glad to present our Roni's son. The greatest point on the show was that at the moment all the most winning bitches were compiting with us. Still our Disa was number one, She is just great! You are able to see her on the right side of the picture. By the way the judge was Leni Nousiainen, and she is in the middle of the photo.

Our little puppies are growing and the pages on the net are improving. You will find more pictures of the litter on this link.

Some pages of Miniblack’s bostons I found on the internet. These are the ones I found, if you find more, please write Anne of it ... miniblack'

Miniblack's Hot Topic Iikkoo
Miniblack's Real Showman Elvis
Miniblack's Little Mermaid Lilli

After Easter we went to a dog show in Lappeenranta. We had a great time, but it was quite cold out there. Tiny Disa did not matter about it (although handler was shivering). Disa You are the best!!
In the matter of fact she was in the show also *the best bitch* and the best of breed was Roni's son Kurttu-Arttu.

Moments of joy we enjoyed on the 20. March when our Swedish import Kenna gave birth to two cute boston puppies. There were one male and one female puppy. These both are well-marked and perky. You are able to see the puppies in the picture and you are able to see you self how great Kenna is. Look also at her coat, how shiny it is. It's quite rear to have a coat like her when having puppies.

About this litter will be more information on our website later on... As soon as webmaster is able to have pages done.

In the dog show in Tampere was a great day for our 10-years old veteran Niilo. He enjoyed the day, the judge saw his joy of life and happpiness. This Italian judge said that Niilo was in very good condition for his age. So he was the best bostonveteran of the day. We wish him many years to live and we really hope to see him many times in or out of the rings. He is a true American Gentleman.

MARCH 2005

Miniblack's Hot Stuff as a Easter bunny Our latest litter is about in two weeks time resettling to their new homes. So to whom it may concern, our latest litter is naturally sold out. In the near future though we are expecting a new litter. These puppies you are able to ask from Anne. We are impatiently waiting to have more puppies.
Before easter we are going to the international dog show in Tampere and national show is in Easter in Lappeenranta, eastern side of the Finland. Great to travel to dog shows after so long winter break.


It finally happend on the 4th (not of July but) of February. Geri gave birth for 3 wonderful puppies - two males and a female. The mother and all the children are doing fine right from the beginning. From the day one on they got weight extremely well. Click this link and you are able to read more about the litter and see more pictures of them. In the picture below, the puppies are only about 12 hours old. Gerin pennut n.12 h vanhoina - Geri's puppies at the age of 12 h

See the video of big brother-Immu as a puppy (Miniblack's Lord Invincible) below. Click the link, and you'll see him as a puppy. Please be aware that the video file is huge, ( ~ 3,12 Mt) Immu video


Happy New Year 2005 boston-people!

I've been studing hard how to make our own web pages, because the previous pages had a lot of bugies. Here's a little 'taste' of what's coming up. The layout of the pages is becoming bit by bit. I hope that in the future our pages are working as brilliantly as they should. That's all about the technique and back to basics - our wonderful Bostons.
We have been waiting long and earnestly. I'm sorry to say, that too few have lately born. During the past two years our dogs have had only three puppies!. Let's hope that year 2005 brings happy new on the puppy front. We are trying to have puppies this spring and summer. If you're interested in those, contact Anne.

The following years have the mother Disa (2003) and the son Immu (2004) qualified from Finland for the Crufts dog show in England. Crufts is officially recognised as the largest dog show in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. It has been traditionally very hard to attend. Nowadays it's been possible also from Finland, if your dog fulfils the certain criteria.

Immu poika-Immu son cruft's logo Disa äiti-Disa mam
Son like mother
Mother like son

For Information: Those people who are worried about Ani, why she is not attend to dog shows anymore. Ani is only retired, because she is almost 13 years of age. Ani is doing fine and she's enjoying the lazy days of pensioner.

Miniblack's pentu - Miniblack's puppy

Just before Christmas I wandered bookstores in Helsinki area. I found that most of the new finnish dog books had our Miniblack's bostons in. At least the following books presented detailed information about boston terriers and they had our dogs as an example.

Please send your brags and barks to Anne, You will find the e-mail address below..
She looks forward to receiving mail from bostonlovers all over the world.
Brags and barks