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Uutiset 2011

27.11.2011Helsinki, Finland dog show 26.11.2011

Oelandica's Silvio Of Mini Black Sisu BOB puppy Kirsti Louhi, FI Miniblack's

27.11.2011Helsinki, Finland dog show 12.11.2011

Oelandica's Silvio Of Mini Black Sisu BOB puppy Tuula Plathan, FI Miniblack's

27.11.2011Tuulos, Finland dog show 2.10.2011

Miniblack's Glimmer Of Choctaw Wanda BOB, CC, FI CH, EE CH, RU CH Anne Sume, EE

27.11.2011In memoriam - three Miniblack's bostons

During this autumn the following dogs are passed away: Saga, Wallu and Ninni.

27.11.2011Tampere, Finland dog show 17.9.2011

Miniblack's Dixieland Dandy Hemmo BOB Lyudmila Tchistakova, RU Miniblack's
Miniblack's Magnificent Noel Noppa BOB puppy Lyudmila Tchistakova, RU Miniblack's

27.11.2011Helsinki, Finland dog show 10.9.2011

Miniblack's Blaze Of Glory Dolly BOB Nils Molin, SE Miniblack's
Miniblack's Dixieland Dandy Hemmo BOS Nils Molin, SE Miniblack's

27.11.2011Vantaa, Finland dog show 4.9.2011

Miniblack's Blaze Of Glory Dolly BOB Markku Kipinä, FI Miniblack's
Miniblack's Increadible Carol Capri BOB puppy Markku Kipinä, FI Miniblack's

27.11.2011Sastamala, Finland dog show 4.9.2011

T-Bo's Singing In The Rain Melody BOB Nikolai Sydyh, RU Miniblack's
Miniblack's Mythic Iceman Boris BOS, CC Nikolai Sydyh, RU Miniblack's

21.8.2011Kouvola, Finland dog show 20.8.2011

Miniblack's Dixieland Dandy Hemmo BOB, CC, FI CH, SE CH Pirjo Aaltonen, FI

21.8.2011Ronneby, Sweden, International dog show 13.8.

T-Bo's Singing In The Rain Melody BOS, CC, Cacib, C.I.B, SE CH Marie Petersen, DK Miniblack's
Miniblack's Dixieland Dandy Hemmo BOB, CC, Cacib Marie Petersen, DK Miniblack's

21.8.2011Welcome to Finland - Sisu

Miniblack's Welcome to Finland our new family member and a Miniblack's team member
Sisu (Oelandica's Silvio Of Mini Black).

21.8.2011Boston pup pictures are being updated

Miniblack's Lovely puppy pictures are being updated regularly every Thuesday.

10.8.2011Some pics of summer bostons

It's been a lovely summer of 2011 ! See the pics and enjoy the boston feelings!
Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7 Miniblack's7

9.8.2011Some boston pups are born

Miniblack's We have great news. Our latest boston litter has been born on 26.7. The litter included 6 puppies, 3 males and 3 females. Unfortunately the info is in Finnish but the pedigree and the pictures are "international".

8.8.2011Finland, Tornio International dog show 23.7.

Miniblack's Mythic Iceman Boris BOS, CC, Cacib xxx xx Miniblack's

8.8.2011Helsinki, dog show 23.7.2011

Miniblack's Magnificent Noel Noppa BOS puppy Miniblack's

20.7.2011We are on Vacation

Miniblack's We are on vacation. If you have urgent matters, please contact Anneli

19.7.2011Pöytyä dog show 16.7.

Miniblack's Glimmer Of Choctaw Wanda BOB, CC Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, FI Miniblack's
Miniblack's Dixieland Dandy Hemmo BOS, CC Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, FI Miniblack's

22.6.2011Estonia, Pärnu, International dog show 19.6.

Miniblack's Glimmer Of Choctaw Wanda BOS, CC, Cacib Anna Tits, RU Miniblack's

20.6.2011Kotka International dog show 18.6.2011

Miniblack's Dixieland Dandy Hemmo BM2, CacibFrancesco Cochetti, IT Miniblack's

5.6.2011Estonia, dog show 5.6.2011

Miniblack's Wee Willie Winkie Wallu EE VW-11 Anne Sume, EE Miniblack's

29.5.2011Sweden, dog show 29.5.2011

Miniblack's Wait 'n' See Seppo CC SE CH Miniblack's

16.4.2011Västerås, Sweden, dog show 16.4.2011

Miniblack's Wait 'n' See Seppo BOB, CC Kirsi Laamanen, FI Miniblack's

1.4.2011The Sun is Shining and Bostons are enjoying

Miniblack's We are still waiting for the beautiful spring of Finland to come.. Still no sign of it.

  • Some puppy training will be done in the near future. Be prepared the litters: Tontut and x-mas".
  • I have received some nice pictures of the latest puppies via e-mail. Some excemples of those underneath. Watch and Enjoy! Ulpukka is also added to the pages of Anu, see the following:
  • In February has been born the litter of Musti. The Male and the Bitch are so cute and tiny.
  • Our pages have to be updated for ex. dogs pages are not correct. I will be the updating as soon as I have time.
  • Musti and our "Yankee" Melody will be in the dog show abroad. Both need only one cacib abroad and then gain the titel of INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION. Hopefully this year ! Keep your fingers crossed !

Miniblack's5 Miniblack's5 Miniblack's5 Miniblack's5

8.3.2011 Happy Woman's Day!

Miniblack's Some recent updates ! Happy Woman's Day for every woman of the world.

  1. In a huge international dogshow in Stockholm "Stockholm Hundmässa" (december 2010) our swedish stars Selma and Seppo had great moments in a ring. In Junior handler finals were only boston terries (as the "second" dog). Selma's handler won the great show and Seppo's handler were chosen as fourth in the finals. Here's some photos of the finals. The judge told the press the following statement of the finals: Alla fem placerade var jätteduktiga och det var små detaljer som avgjorde. Vinnaren var konsekvent under hela dagen och hade en mycket bra attityd. Hon fick också ut mycket av sin utbyteshund.
  2. Noppa thinks he's a big boy, the last photo in the Joulu presentation.

19.2.2011 Joulu litter 8 weeks

Miniblack's The litter of Joulu is ready to roll. The cuties are now 8 weeks old and ready to go now. Some pics are updated also of the Tonttu litter.
Happy Valentine's Day ! Martti enjoys her birthday with a friend Urho. Thank you Ines Anthoni for sending the pic.

4.2.2011 Pics, pics and pics

Miniblack's The christmas litter is now sex weeks. New pics could be found Here. New pics of the older litter "tonttu" is found here.

28.1.2011 Farewell party

Miniblack's Tonttu litter is now 8 weeks and Joulu litter is 5 weeks. Enjoy the pictures of "Tonttu" and "Joulu" together - for the last time during the puppy time.

22.1.2011 Koirat Magazine - the model of boston and Turku INT show

Miniblack's We had great time in an international dog show in Turku. Our veterans were shown there both and they gained probably the biggest applauses by the ring. The older bitch (11 years) Saga was Best of Breed veteran and the young man Veeti was best of oppisite sex. Well Done BOTH !

In the latest magazine of Koirat(1/2011) is a presentation of the breed boston terrier. In that was the model of the breed and an example our Mino. You are so sweet and an brilliant specimen of the breed.

Please check the webpages of another Boston lover - Maggie's breeder - breeder Susan Milton (also her mother Pat Milton). Susan has opened the first webpage of hers under the prefix Mackendrick's.

19.1.2011 Pups and vets "grow old" together

Miniblack's The older gentleman Pontus says hi from the western Finland, the city of Naantali. He's now the oldest member of the Miniblack's clan, he will be 15 years of old in summer 2011 !
The litters Tontut ja Joulu presentations are updated.

6.1.2011 Happy New Year 2011

Miniblack's During the holiday season we have changed dogs with Anneli. Saga is now companied with Veeti. Saga is thrilled with her new roommate.