The guidelines of Miniblack's Boston breeding

"We breed companion boston terriers with whom the new owner is able to partisipate in all kinds of activities: shows, obedience, etc!"

Most important guideline in our breedingwork is to steer clear from unsound breeding methods: using too close relatives and non-examined dogs. Sires we use go trough very careful auditing and control: looks, temperament and health state must match. We plan our breeding carefully and use only non-related dogs or linebreeding. We try to do as broad-based breeding as possible and usually this means using sires from abroad.

Our own bostons are pure companion dogs, which certainly doesn´t exclude advancing also in dog shows. Our bostons are born at home and they also crow old with us; we do not have any adults for sale. Our bostons are primarily family members, by all means not only for breeding or showing.


We have our own line of bitches, chosen years ago. A good bitch line is invaluable for a breeder and we are satisfied to have managed to create one. Our bitches are international show champions now in many generations.

Nowadays most of the succesfull show dogs in Finland have our Miniblack´s bostonterriers in their background. It is a real pleasure to see the results of our carefully chosen breeding line. Also other breeders have used Miniblack´s dogs succesfully.

To qualify as a Miniblack´s-puppy owner we want the prospective buyer to be actively interested in boston terriers. We always invite possible new owners to our home to meet our adult bostons: that is to avoid the "blinding" effect the little boston puppies indeed have!

We take good care of informing the new puppy owner about everything important: feeding, temperament, manners, etc. Every puppy gets written care instructions and something familiar, for example a toy, from the litter box with him to make settling to the new home more comfortable.


We also want to keep in touch with the owners through the puppies life. Day or night, the new owner is always welcome to call us and discuss about things concerning.We encourage the new owners to join the Finnish Boston Terrier Club.

Anne is always ready to lend a helping hand for showing the dogs. When needed, she can take the whole responsibility for grooming and showing. She has about 20 years of experience in doing that!

The only problem occurring with boston terriers is the addiction they cause: so many are those boston terrier owners who, after a very short consideration, are ready to get another one… and the third one … and…

♥ is elegant and streamlined
♥ has square head and square body
♥ has strong body and feet
♥ has level back
♥ moves parallel and with drive: beautiful movements are crown of the dog
♥ has well-distributed colours giving the dog the "tuxedo" looks and style
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